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Welcome to the Online Store for Pez Collectors!

He lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Fully licensed by the Pez Company, SpongeBob and Friends pez dispensers were released in April 2004.

There are 4 SpongeBob and Friends Pez Dispensers. They include Smiling SpongeBob wearing square pants, SpongeBob wearing underwear, Patrick and Squidward.

The set of all 4 is $10.00, MIP.

Stem colors may vary.

SpongeBob and Friends

sponge bob and friends

pokemon pez
POKEMON Pez Dispensers

Released in Europe in July 2001, your favorite POKEMON characters are now Pez dispensers!

Pikachu, Mew, Psyduck, Meowth and Koffings.

The set of 5 POKEMON Pez is $39.95, MOC.
Pikachu is available separately for $8.00, MOC.

I really wanted to title this section "Bugs Invade Museum", but I know I'm just asking for trouble.

There are 5 Original Pez Bugz Dispensers. The names are:

Jumping Jack, Sam Snuffle, Florence Flutterfly, Super Bee, and Barney Beetle.

The set of 5 Original Pez Bugz is $10.00.

A later addition to the BUGZ line is the Baby Bee. The Baby Bee Pez Dispenser is $3.00.

BUGZ Pez Dispensers


fantasy mummy

fantasy atomic mummy

Fantasy Mummy Dispenser

Ancient Egypt. Mysterious Pyramids. Dusty tombs. Archeologists have uncovered these ancient burial grounds in search for Mummys.

Luckily for Pez collectors, our Fantasy Mummy Dispenser is available today, direct from Burlingame, California!

The Fantasy Mummy dispenser is $14.95.


In 2002, our Fantasy Mummy wandered aimlessly into a restricted atomic testing facility. Now he Glows-In-The-Dark!

Our Fantasy Atomic Mummy is $15.95.

The New Zoo Characters

newzoo Blinky Bill

Late in 1996, five new Pez "Zoo" characters were released. They include a lion, a hippo, a koala named Blinky Bill, an elephant and a crocodile.

The bright, "neon" color stems all feature the 4,966,305 patent number but do not have a country of manufacture listed. All the character heads have "© 1996 Pez" except for the Koala which has "© Yoram Bros."

The lion, hippo, koala, elephant and crocodile are sold as a set of 5 for $36.00, MOC.

The Koala, Blinky Bill, is available separately for $15.00, MOC.



The crunchy fun of popcorn. The fruity taste of Pez.

Delicious Pez Popcorn comes in four fruity Pez flavors - grape. lemon, orange and strawberry.

(The Lemon is my favorite!)

The Pez Popcorn is sold as a set of 4, one box of each flavor, for $10.00.

VISA - MasterCard - Discover gladly accepted.

To order by telephone, please call (650) 347-2301.
Our hours are 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time, Tuesday - Saturday.

online line
Print out the order form and mail to:
Computer Spectrum c/o Pez
214 California Drive, Burlingame, California USA 94010.
or fax the completed order form to (650)347-3840

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